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Links You’ll Love – 11-15-13

We’re all thinking about everyone in the Philippines these days. A great resource is the Jewish Association of the Philippines. Check out the trailer from the movie “Rescue to the Philippines,” which tells the story of 1200 Jews who escaped Nazi Germany and immigrated to the Philippines.

What’s 150 years old this year? The Gettysburg Address! To celebrate, famed documentarian Ken Burns (many of your students are familiar with his legacy “Ken Burns Effect” in iMovie that zooms in or out of a still photo) has launched a national effort for Americans to video record themselves reading or reciting the speech. Visit the site to see celebrities (Stephen Colbert as Abe Lincoln, anyone?) in action. This is something your students can do!

We worry a lot about the abundance of “screen time” in which our student indulge, and the lack of face-to-face interaction. There’s a nice article at Edutopia on teaching your students to converse. This is a powerful complement to “Language is Power.” Read the article here.

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Links You’ll Love

In the “of course they are…” department: apparently Facebook is “amazed at the amount of (tech) talent in Israel.” So amazed, in fact, that Facebook’s first R&D center outside of the US is going to be there. Read more here.

Just because it’s a project doesn’t make it “project-based.” Read more about the difference here.

This is awesome. Apparently there’s a new thing on the ‘net where people color old b&w photos. Some of the results are just stunning! Check out the Reddit colorized history site.

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Links You’ll Love – 11-1-13

Studio Jew endeavors to “provide access to Jewish learning, even on the most basic level.” It’s the brainchild of Leah Weiss Caruso, who’s looking for people to participate in the content creation. D’var Torah, anyone? C’mon, you know you wanna…

Journalist Clive Thompson believes that digital writing is making kids smarter. Read his article here. Kathleen Costanza unpacks it – and adds her own resources for digital writing here.

Do not blame me if this website sucks you in! Check out Moovly to create animated videos. Know that cool effect where it looks like you’re writing on the screen? Yeah, you can do that there – along with animated presentations. This could be a good one to use with your students. You can add sound effects or record your own voice. I love this!

Apparently interactive whiteboards haven’t become the darlings of the edtech industry that they were expected to be. Read more here.

Edtech guru Wes Fryer has developed a website that lets you choose what kind of media you want to create (e.g. a narrated slideshow, or video or five photo story) and then get step-by-step directions to set it up. It’s a unique way of approaching creating media with your class. Check it out!

Some of you are already using Google docs in class. Here’s a great article with some ideas that integrate Google docs with teaching writing.

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Links You’ll Love – 10-18-13

It’s here! It’s here! The inaugural JEDcamp Midwest will be held here on Sunday. If you’ve signed up – we’re looking forward to seeing you Sunday. There’s still time to sneak in – you can check out our website. Here’s the session board – all ready and waiting for us to fill it up!

board photo

This graphic is an entertaining and enlightening riff on comparing apples to apples. Did you know that an iPhone 4S weighs as much as one apple, but is worth about 20,000 of them? What else could be compared this way?

While I don’t love the disclaimer that you shouldn’t use the Historical Thinking website with more than 20 computers at a time, I do like their approach to teaching “students how to critically read primary sources and how to critique and construct historical narratives.” The site is designed for high school teachers, but I think looking at their approach could benefit all of us.

Interested in using Twitter to improve your own teaching practice? Check out this article.

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JEDcamp Midwest is this Sunday!

We are so excited that we just can’t stand it around here. Finally – after planning, musing and (okay, just a little) cajoling… the big day is this Sunday, when a group of excited, passionate and willing-to-try-something-different educators are going to converge on our school to share with and learn from one another. Tickets are flying off the registration site!

Haven’t registered yet? There’s still a little time! Check out our blog or dash right over to the registration site.

See you Sunday!

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Links You’ll Love

Knowmia is a site that provides a place for you to store videos, search for lessons created by other teachers or assign interactive lessons for your students. If you have an iPad, you can download their free app for lesson creation as well. FlippedClassroom is another great resource if you want to explore this teaching model.

The Science of Everyday Live is a Discovery Education site that provides videos and lessons connecting science to real life. While Discovery Education itself is a subscription service, this site offers lesson plans and videos at no cost (at least for right now).

Did you upgrade to iOS 7 and now you feel like you don’t know how to do anything with your iPhone or iPad? Check out this Forbes magazine article at for tips and tricks.

You may have heard about newest research study on U.S. Jews published by The Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project. Among other things, the study shows that nearly one-third of Jews under age 32 do not identify as Jewish by religion. The JTA has their take on it and what funders think – read more at here. The Jewish Education Project is hosting a webinar on what all that means for Jewish educators – registration is closed (the webinar filled up within hours), but it will be recorded and posted for us to watch later on. You can read the study itself here.

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JEDcamp Midwest is in 2 weeks!

So while stalking checking out some other EDcamp sites, I see that some have created brainstorming docs in order to get everyone’s creative ideas flowing. I’ve created a doc – please add your thoughts. What you’d like to learn, what you can offer, what you’d like to talk about.

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Links You’ll Love – 10/4/13

October is Connected Educator Month. How can you become a connected educator? One way is to attend the first ever Chicago area JEDcamp on October 20th right here. Visit our website for more information. Or go directly to the registration site.


Want to use QR codes? Here’s a nice roundup with 12 ideas for using QR codes in your classroom.

YouTube has launched a library of copyright free music that your students can use for their projects. Learn more about it or visit YouTube’s audio library.

Funded in part by AT&T, Educade is a collection of lesson plans that you can browse by grade, subject, tool and/or platform. It’s very cool – and you can add your own!

Interested in building your digital classroom this fall? PBS is offering free webinars on awesome topics like incorporating social media (as in Twitter) into your classroom and how to integrate tablets (as in iPads). The webinars will be recorded so you can view them afterwards. Check out the “get your tech on” site.

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Links You’ll Love – 9-18-13

I know lots of you are finding creative ways to use Google Drive in your classrooms. This article lists 12 ways to use Google Drive and features a link to a really nice glog which serves as a visual guide to Google Drive. I’m not always a fan of Glogster, but this one is a great example.

What does gifted really mean? Here’s an interesting article about redefining gifted and talented.

Einstein – we’ve all heard of him – is a name now associated with a science tablet for schools that has been developed in Israel. The tablet boasts sensors that can be used with science experiments. Read more here.

And, speaking of tablets, read about how tablets are becoming standard classroom accessories in this New York Times article.

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Links You’ll Love 9/13/13

The good folks at Edutopia have a great article on primary source documents and how to find them. Millions of images from Life Magazine? I’m in! Check it out!

Shoutout to my colleague Natalie for finding this fun YouTube video about kindergartners and how they created movies using the iPad about butterflies.

If you’re interested in learning how to use iMovie for the iPad, check out KQED’s video tutorial. What a great resource!

Here’s a lengthy but thought provoking read on “Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught?” The name says it all. You can read it here.

I love, love, love this article about a real life physics teachers who uses iTunes U to create courses for his students. He’s really pushing the envelope on integrating technology! Oh, and by the way, he’s my colleague Hallie’s son-in-law. Read more here.

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