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Links You’ll Love

Some of us spent a little time this summer talking about digital portfolios and how to implement them in class. This article expands on that quite nicely.

Here is a nice little Google docs cheat sheet you can print out and hang in your classroom.

Thinking about upgrading your iDevice to iOS 8? Here’s a list of privacy settings you should change immediately.

GAFE tip of the week: When you’re composing an email in Google mail, you can make it take up the whole screen rather than just that little puny spot in the corner. Just click on the little down arrow and choose Default to full screen.

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Links You’ll Love – 1-24-14

Do you think Jewish kids need to have “ethical tune-ups?” This thought-provoking post explores that.

Looking for free iPad apps? Bookmark Appsaga and HappiPapa for free apps and reviews. And how about Apps Gone Free, an app that lists daily free offers…

EDpuzzle is very, very cool. It gives you the opportunity to find an online video, crop it, add a voiceover and embed quizzes along the way to track student understanding. Awesome for teachers… or for students to use! Free (for now).

If you’re looking to follow some awesome teacher blogs, here are some suggestions.

Word Hippo is a cool resource if you’re searching for synonyms, antonyms, definitions, rhyming words and more.

For a fascinating trip back in time, check out these brief video clips explaining (or not explaining, as it were) what the Internet is (was):

Today show hosts off camera trying to figure out what the “@” sign means:

A 1981 news piece about newspapers exploring delivering content electronically:

Here’s a 1995 Newsweek Tech & Science article on why an online database will never replace your daily newspaper.

And, finally, Steve Jobs in 1980 predicting what people might be doing with the computers they were designing:

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Links You’ll Love – 3-22-13

Venerable Jewish songster Craig Taubman is giving away some more music. You can download his acoustic Shabbat album FREE!

I totally love the Library of Congress! We should – we pay for it… Check out their guide to using Primary Sources. It includes a lovely analysis tool as well.

How would you like Albert Einstein to read to you? REALLY! You can hear Einstein’s 1941 radio address on “The Common Language of Science.”

The Anti-Defamation League just put out an inspirational video “Imagine a World Without Hate.” Do not watch without a box of tissues handy!


Finally, speaking of videos… if you’re looking for a Passover video to liven your holiday preparations, check these out:


The Maccabeats‘ take on Les Mis and Pesach:


Muppets’ Matzah in the House:


And, from Aish – if today’s media told the Passover story:


Chag Pesach Sameach!

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Links You’ll Love – 2-20-13

Infographics are everywhere – they’re great for displaying a lot of information on a screen or in a poster. For an easy way to create them, visit Pick a theme, drop in your information and go!

LibriVox is a great website with free audiobooks from the public domain. You can listen online or download them.

If you’d like to record a 30-second audio clip, or have your students record one, visit Like similar audio recording websites, it’s easy to use and pretty intuitive. Unlike other websites, however, stores your audio clip on its own web server and gives you a URL where you can find it later. Very nice! It’s limited to 30 seconds, though, so you (or your students) need to be concise! There are also free iOS and Android apps.

Haiku Deck is a nice easy-to-use app that creates slide show presentations. Here’s a good article about Haiku Deck and its possibilities.

A number of my colleagues and I attended a terrific workshop last week on Burley School’s iPad program, given by first grade teacher Kristin Ziemke. Kristin  blogs about Burley’s iPad journey – it’s a great resource!

ThingLink is a website where you can upload an image and add video and audio. Think of it as a tool to turn a static image into an interactive graphic. There’s a great toolkit to explore how to use it as a teaching tool and a slide show that explains more. I love it!

Here’s a terrific article at TeachThought about how to promote student self-direction in your classroom.

Yeshiva University has created a useful network for Jewish educators using technology in the classroom called YU2.0. There are blogs, forums and groups for special interest such as Apps in education, connecting with Israel via technology and SMART Boards in the classroom.

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Livebinder it bookmarklet for the iPad…

I love Livebinders. I love using it to organize papers and staff PD. The good folks over there have this tip for adding to a Livebinder from your iPad:

Adding “LiveBinder It” Bookmarklet to an iPad

There are two ways to add “LiveBinder It” to the iPad. One is to add it on to Safari on your Mac and then sync your bookmarks with the iPad. Here is an explanation of how to sync your bookmarks from your Mac to your iPad.

The second option isn’t easy, but it will add the LiveBinder It feature to your iPad. Hopefully Apple will soon come out with a better way to add bookmarklets!

In Safari, click on the square with the arrow icon at the top of your browser
Click on the “Add Bookmark”
For the name, type in “Livebinder It”
Click on “Save”
Click on the bookmark icon
Click on “Edit” in the top right corner of the bookmarks menu
Click on the “LiveBinder It” bookmark
Under “LiveBinder It”, cut and paste the following:‘’+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+’&description=’+encodeURIComponent(document.title),’LiveBinders’,%20’scrollbars=0,status=0,resizable=1,location=0,toolbar=0,width=850,height=700′);(function(){setTimeout(‘w.focus()’,1000);})();

Click on “Done” on the keyboard.
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Links You’ll Love – 2-8-12

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? I don’t watch the game, but I have to say that Amy Poehler’s Best Buy commercial, in which she says “dongle” several times, made me laugh.

Check out an amazing video  that shows images of what’s called the Extreme Deep Field (EDF). These images represent the farthest we (humans) have ever seen into the Universe. The very end of the video pans back from the EDF to help provide a better perspective on the actual vastness of the Universe.

Here’s another one of those great aggregate sites with links to places on the web where you can find  educational games and simulations just perfect for interactive white boards.

Succeeding with Science is a great resource “designed to nurture an enthusiasm for science, engineering, technology and mathematics in young people.” You can search for special topics or browse by age group.

The Innovative Learning Environments Project studied how young people learn and which conditions and dynamics contribute to learning success. You can read about the project at their website. There’s a great article referencing it at Mindshift.

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Thursday hot tip

Buy a couple iPad stands. Once you have them you’ll find dozens of ways to use them. For our yearbook this year we took iPad photos of the graduates’ baby photos rather than scanning them. It was much faster and the quality was great. My teachers use them in class as document cameras, too. We bought the Justand brand – they’re really durable and versatile.

Here’s a video from the company:

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Looking for iPad apps for Jewish educators?

Check out this Google spreadsheet – lots of apps for Jewish educators. Nicely done!

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Links You’ll Love

Check out SMART Board Smarty for downloadable lessons and Notebook files for the SMART Board. Games, jigsaw puzzles, tutorials and more!

Digital storytelling is one of ed tech’s buzzwords about, well, using technology to tell stories. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning (which, by the way, is a great website in itself) has a nice article about digital storytelling and free tools you can use.

If you’re searching the web for specific information, NoodleTools can be a great resource. Identify what you’re looking for, whether it needs to be current or not, and what categories your results should come from, and NoodleTools will do the rest.

Storybird is a beautiful way to create a story with your students. It’s kind of “flipped” storytelling – you choose the illustration and then create the story. The illustrations are simply lovely – please take a look at them.

Educaplay is a site where you can create your own multimedia learning activities or search for ones that have been created by others. You need to sign up to use the site, but membership is free. Use the site to create vocabulary activities, crossword puzzles, matching games, etc. that can be used on a SMART Board.

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Links You’ll Love – 12-14-12

Here’s a fun, simple website to use if you have a competition going on in the classroom. Enter the name of the quiz and a name for each of two teams. Click start and you can add or take points away. It’s got a timer and fun sounds.

Well, this is interesting…educational publisher Wiley and Sons has teamed up with TED talks to integrate TED content into educational courses. In an upcoming psych course, for instance, they’ve combined an intro PDF file, seven videos and a summary essay and related activities. Is this a harbinger of what’s to come? Read about it here.

Here’s a fun website for the little ones to practice counting and number order. This is great for a SMART Board!

Want to know what kids need in order to learn? Of course you do! Here’s a 6 minute video on just that…created by kids.

eSchoolNews has an interesting take on 2012 in review and how the biggest ed-tech developments of the year will affect education in 2013.

Thinking about doing some writing with younger kids using the iPads? Here’s a great video showing first graders doing a poetry writers workshop.

Speaking of the iPad… here are 50 – count ‘em…50 – fun tips and tricks to make them even easier and more fun to use.

“Please DON’T raise your hand…” Who says that? This teacher.

Who wants to visit Versailles? Thanks to Google you can…right now! What will they think of next?

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