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Jewish Values and Technology

I’ve been thinking about my upcoming CAJE presentation on Jewish Values and the Web…

Jewish values are largely about relationships with other people – not stealing, not cheating, no gossip…

Technology is often socially isolating. or was socially isolating. now you have IM, email, social networks – all about forming relationships, or are they? I would say it’s an evolving thing.

Social relationships via the web are really in their infancy. While I’m comfortable with technology in general, I’m not as fluent in social networking as my college-age daughter who lives by her Facebook account. As a teacher, I know how to connect with others when I’m in a face-to-face situation.

How to guide kids in their non face-to-face interactions (e.g. web) using values that are designed for interpersonal relationships.

The web used to be a one-way conversation. A provider would put up a web page and I would read it. Email, while a conversation, lacked real-time qualities. Now we’re really in a give-and-take process here – what do Jewish values say to that?


July 27, 2007 - Posted by | Jewish, Technology

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