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What, no PowerPoint?

Learning in the labI realized tonight that I didn’t use one PowerPoint presentation this week. Amazing – 7 presentations and not one of them PowerPoint. Instead, I used the wiki for presentation support. This may not have been as spiffy and pretty, but it was amazingly customizable and infinitely last-minute-editable. For instance, yesterday before my wiki presentation I thought of something I wanted to add. So, as the session was filling up, I logged into Wikispaces and made my changes. That would have possible with PowerPoint, but it would have been more cumbersome, especially since I was using computers in the rooms – not my own.



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Rockin’ at CAJE

On the lineup (well, at least what we chose to attend) tonight…

First the CAJE Chorale and Cantors’ Choir performance. Not exactly like we weren’t going to go to that – considering David performed in both groups.

Linda Hirschhorn’s Vocolot. Wow. What powerful music. And what beautiful voices. We bought three CDs.

Todd Herzog. Cantorial soloist, rocker. Soloist? At twelve? Okay, maybe he’s not twelve. Boy is he cute, though. I loved his music and thought it would be great to use with my 8th and 9th graders for social justice. We bought one CD.

Sheldon Low. Also twelve. Obviously a great appeal to the kids – had them up there with him on the stage.

What talent.

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