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What I learned from presenting at CAJE

I’ve thought a lot about what I learned from the people I spoke to during CAJE. I actually had a lot of thinking time as we drove with Allie to Orlando so that she could start her internship at the Big Mouse House (see her blog here).

What’s the next step for integrating technology into Jewish supplemental education?

Here’s what I think we need now:

Opportunities for sharing – cooperative wikis. How amazing would it be if a group of educators committed to creating wikis on various subjects, with each educator taking responsibility for a particular section?

Blogroll sharing – are you using a blog with your class? Are you using a blog to communicate with your teachers and/or parents? Are you willing to share so others can use yours as a template?

Social networking. Are you using FaceBook to communicate with your teens? What are some of the pitfalls? Successes?

What Internet sites are your favorite places to go when you’ve got those “night before Sunday school blues?”

Lesson plans that incorporate technology. Is technology giving you a new twist to an old activity?

We need to find out what it is we don’t know. If you could design the perfect tech class for educators, what would it be? Do you want to learn movie editing? Claymation? Flash?

Smartboard technologies – anybody using smartboards?

CAJE’s desire to feature technology at CAJE32 was a great start – now let’s see where it goes from here.


August 15, 2007 - Posted by | CAJE33, Jewish, Technology

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