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VoiceThread – check out this online tool

One of the biggest frustrations for people who want to use technology in the classroom but don’t see themselves as “tekkies” is the learning curve to master the process. You want to record the kids and post podcasts, but who has time to learn audio editing software, figure out how to create the feed and post to the iTunes store, right?

What we need more of are tools that allow us to focus on the learning experience for our students and the ultimate product – not the technology of it.

Check out VoiceThread. You post pictures, record your students’ voices (this is the bus we took to the zoo, this is the rabbi’s office, etc.) and you essentially have a slideshow with audio. Without having to master animations, timing, etc. Low tech.

An additional feature is that your audience can also record their comments – kind of like an audio blog.

I’m seeing first graders posting photos of them with their family heirlooms… and grandparents chiming in. From anywhere in the world.



August 17, 2007 - Posted by | Technology

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