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I have a Facebook account. There, I’ve said it.

I set it up a while ago because one of my daughters has one. She posts a lot of photos to it and I enjoy going there and seeing them. I have a few friends from college that I keep contact with there, and a few new acquaintances too.

Yesterday I got a friend request from a former student. She’s a freshman in high school now and it looks like she was adding a whole bunch of kids with whom she graduated (but who are going to different high schools – the bane of a day school education) so that she can keep in touch with him.

At first I thought that was weird. She’s not my “friend,” she’s a former student and a high school freshman to boot.

But then I thought about what it means to be someone’s friend on Facebook. To keep in touch, to see what’s going on in someone’s life, to get snippets of what they’re up to…

I accepted. And I’ve decided I’m flattered.

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