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Rewiring the Jewish Teacher

Okay, the title is hokey – but the article accurately describes much of what I experienced at CAJE. And I was accurately quoted, so I’m happy.

“Now in its 32nd year and under new leadership, CAJE decided to address the issue of technology and education with this year’s theme, “Engaging 21st Century Jewish Learners.” Amid the myriad workshops available every hour, teachers could choose to follow a technology track throughout the conference or simply drop in on more than a dozen sessions devoted to exploring the intersection of technology and Jewish life, covering everything from what a blog or a wiki is (online sites for posting and sharing information, photographs and videos) and how to use them in the classroom, to what are the ramifications the Jewish community faces in an increasingly digital world.” read more

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Personal Learning Network

Karl Fisch blogged about having his high school student create their own personal learning networks today. Essentially this involves have your students find topics that are of interest to them, create RSS feeds, read and evaluate material, and then present the information to the rest of the class. What a great idea. I’m trying to get my brain around it and figure out how I can incorporate that into religious school. How cool would it be to have the kids set up iGoogle pages with their feeds?

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