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Where are the Jewish crafters?

I like to knit and do crafts. Really. I think it’s partially because normally I’m doing all these technology-related things like learning about what’s new in technology and teaching it to somebody else and sometimes I just want to do something with my hands that isn’t typing or mousing. I also get super bitten by the craft and create bug in the fall. Something about fibers and colors in the fall I guess. Anyway, I started checking out some craft and knit blogs and now I’m wondering – where are the Jewish crafters? I know y’all must be out there…

I want to add “Jewish art and craft” or something like that to my blog roll. But where are the Jewish crafters? And do they blog?

I checked out Etsy and searched for Jewish, figuring that would be a good way to find some Jewish crafters. I did find some by using “Jewish” as a search term (I am so clever). But I also discovered that Etsy doesn’t list websites, so I can’t really follow up that way.

Must find . . . Jewish crafters.


October 13, 2007 Posted by | Craft | 18 Comments


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