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Inspiring educators

Okay. I’m pretty convinced that kids are using technology, and that they are well-served by a greater integration of technology into education. I see that there are a lot of educators who are using it, and many fine digital resources for teachers who aren’t using it but would like to.

Here’s where I see the big void: support for the teacher who wants to use it but really needs some hand holding through the process, particularly in the world of Jewish supplemental education.

Even in an area like Chicago’s north shore (where I teach), where there are lots and lots of Jewish educators, it’s hard to locate people who are (a) using technology in religious/Hebrew school or (b) people who want to collaborate/share with others who use it.

There’s no “Jewish educators who use technology in religious school” agency/coalition/group.

How do we share? How do we tap into the collective wisdom? How do we help to move our desiring-but-uneducated colleagues along?

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