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Hava Nashira 2008

I did it. I finally took myself to a Hava Nashira workshop at OSRUI. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I’ve heard my husband talk about it – and about the awesome people he met there – for so many years that it was time for me to go. And our younger daughter Allie went two years ago and was planning to go back this year, so I figured it would be a great opportunity to bond with her.

I had a great time. I was incredibly humbled by what I don’t know about music (which is everything), inspired by what I learned, and spiritually uplifted in a really nice way. It was amazing that everyone at work told me how rested I looked, after spending 4 nights eating camp food and sleeping in camp beds (and staying up way too late).

So now I’m determined to learn to drum the djembe!

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