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CAJE continues…

We decided to blow breakfast off this morning and sleep until 8:00 am. I’m glad we brought those Luna bars.

Well, the good news is that our presenters who were waylaid in NY are finally here… now we just have to figure out how to reschedule their presentations that they missed yesterday.

I had one of those “only at CAJE” experiences today, as Lisa Colton from Darim Online and I met (and hugged) in the elevator at Davis. It’s amazing when you’ve shared so many ideas, had conference calls, etc. with someone that you feel like you know them but you, well, have never really met. I’m excited to go to the JESNA panel discussion later this afternoon and talk tachlis about the new direction for Jewish education.


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Jeff Klepper


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One of our favorite people in the whole world – and how the Chicago area misses him… Jeff Klepper performing and presenting at CAJE 33. Photo by David Harris.

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