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Speak and email

Do you need to listen to your students? Besides when they’re in class, I mean?

Here’s the scenario. My Hebrew staff needed to be able to listen to their students read Hebrew passages. The kids were coming into the lab, recording the Hebrew passage in GarageBand, and then exporting the files to iTunes and then (that’s too many “and thens…”) dragging the file into the shared folder on the network for the Hebrew teacher to access later.

Much as I love to play with GarageBand and iTunes, it was a lot of steps for a teacher to be able to listen to a file.

Enter Vocaroo.

Using Vocaroo, a student can record a file and email it to a teacher. No required sign-up, no passwords. Nada.

The teacher gets a link via email, with a nifty little “download this” button, which opens the file as a QuickTime movie which can be saved.

Easy Peasy.

Sadly, today I found a second use for it. We have a former colleague who’s in the hospital after a car accident, and we decided to send her a CD with greetings. Rather than invite my 40 colleagues to the lab to record individual greetings (because, um, I’d rather have a root canal), I sent them a link to Vocaroo and instructed them to record their greeting and send it to me. I, in turn, am saving the files to iTunes for burning.

It rocks. Try it and let me know what you do with it.


December 12, 2009 - Posted by | Technology

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