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Create your own worship service

Thank you to David Bryfman for sharing this…

When I was a youth group advisor 100 years ago, one of the most dreaded moments was when you said to the kids “Okay, guys, time to write a creative service.”


Boy, I wish BBYO’s Build a Prayer website had been around then. Of course, there were no websites around then, but I digress.

The site’s interface is just lovely. Pick a service, pick a movement and so on. Want Hebrew and English or just one or the other? Want the Amidah in it? How about music? Where do you want to add your own creative stuff?

You make your choices and off you go, press a button and you have a fully formatted worship service in front of you, ready to print.

There’s more, though. You can also browse through services that have been created by others (one wish I have here would be that I could start with someone else’s service and then customize that to meet my own needs, rather than start from scratch), and there’s a resource section that looks a little sparse right now, but I imagine it’ll grow with time. I love that it’s dynamic; giving users the opportunity to add to the resources rather than just being consumers of it.

Kol hakovod, BBYO!


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