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Links you’ll love

Links I sent out to my colleagues this week:

Want to make an AWESOME one-minute slide show? Check out Flixtime. This (for now) free service lets you upload photos, choose your music, and then they do the rest. This is a really new site, so, for now, movies are limited to one minute, and there’s no option to upgrade – but I’m betting that’ll change shortly.

Everybody loves to play games online. Check out Tutpup to compete against others in areas of math, spelling and more. This is a great site for students who have just a few minutes at the end of class and want to “play.”

Here’s one that I know my LA teachers love – have you been to Freerice? This unique site lets you feed the world (okay, it may be one grain of rice at a time, but it’s something) while playing a positively addictive vocab game. Don’t blame me if you’re up all night with this one!

Want to be a microlender? Microloans are small (duh) loans that you can make to budding entrepreneurs to help them start businesses, buy raw materials, etc. Want to show your students how $25 can change someone’s life? Go to Kiva and peruse the list of businesses and be amazed at the small amount of money they’re requesting. The default rate of these microloans is remarkably low and when your loan is repaid you’ll get an email asking if you want to re-loan it to someone else. If you want more information about microlending, there’s a great video on youtube that explains it.


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