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You used a SMART Board for THAT?

I was blessed to get a SMART Board in my computer lab this year (on the other hand, what took us so long?). It’s been amazing. After just a few short weeks, I was already wondering how I managed to teach before. It’s invaluable when doing application demos (which, of course, I do all the time), and I’ve conducted quite a bit of training for my staff on how to use them.zlatah1

Then came Zlatah the goat.

I will explain.

My delightful friend-who-always-gets-me-into-more-than-I-can-imagine Carol says “My students are doing live performances of Zlatah the Goat. Do you think you can video them?”

Zlatah the Goat is a story by Isaac Beshevis Singer. Carol adapted it for her students to perform in class. Of course she did… Of course I respond “Sure.” Carol has that affect on people.

Carol responds “We still need to make backgrounds.”

I look at the SMART Board. Something clicks. Or haywires. I’m not sure. “Why don’t I do backgrounds in Keynote and we shoot in front of the SMART Board?”

zlatah2The lightbulb literally went off. The next thing I knew I had a copy of the script with Carol’s notes in the margin (snow, Hanukkah, etc.).

So, 12 or so Keynote slides later… we have Zlatah backgrounds. The kids stood in front of the SMART Board, I popped the Flip video camera on a tripod, and off we went. The cool thing was that I could animate the Keynote slides so that when it was snowing, it was, well, snowing. Of course, there were glitches, like when the kids accidentally touched the board, which advanced the slides, or hit the front two buttons which brings up the orientation screen, but overall it was a tremendous amount of fun, and the kids had a blast.




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