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Links You’ll Love – Friday, April 1

Here are the links I sent out to my colleagues today:

Get your students to talk back! Mailvu ( is a new “mail you can view” website. It’s easy to use, requires no registration (which is a personal peeve of mine – why do you have to register all the time?) and works very nicely. This is a great way to have your students email a video response. Your students will need computers with webcams in order to use this service. I’m not sure if the videos can be saved to your computer, but the website says they’re viewable for a year. One of our Hebrew teachers and I tested it the other day – I was even able to view her video on my iPhone.

We just finished our 8th grade book trailer project. What a great way for student to interact with their social justice novels! This morning I tripped across a great article on the importance of book trailers to the publishing industry:

Who’s slimy, a little creepy and attracted over 200,000 Twitter followers in a ridiculously short period of time? No, not Charlie Sheen – I’m talking about the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra snake that went missing this week. The best part was that somebody created a fake Twitter account for the snake that detailed the cobra’s supposed adventures in New York City. Clever, right? It got me thinking – could you have your students create Twitter posts (which are limited to 140 characters) about something? Last year, Rabbi Oren Hayon used Twitter to “Tweet the Exodus” (!/tweettheexodus). Posts included things like: via @citizensofegypt: Pharaoh, enough is enough. Listen to @Moses <> . We can’t see anything, we itch, and now we’ve lost our sons… And via @War_Horses: *gallop* *squish* *gallop* *squish*. What’s happening? It’s so muddy, my hooves are sticking. Must keep going!


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