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Bought me an iPad

So I bought an iPad with money that I received as part of an award (cue humble blush here). That makes the iPad free, right? Work with me.

Once I bought the iPad, though, I decided that I needed the following:

Warranty, of course
Cover for both front and back
A/V adapter so I can connect to my SMART Board
Camera connector kit

And now I’m considering the World Traveler kit since I’m traveling to Europe in a couple of weeks.

And maybe a keyboard since I’m not feeling the love for the virtual one

And of course I bought a number of apps

I’m reminded of the time we used Green Stamps (remember those?) to get a “free” fish tank.



June 21, 2011 - Posted by | Technology | ,

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  1. Good One!
    My kid in elementary school often brings home coupons for “one free kids meal” from a local restaurant for doing good in class.But obviously they know he can’t come to eat all by himself.
    So,there is the catch!

    Comment by kuku1 | June 21, 2011 | Reply

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