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Putting it together

Hard to believe that it was a week ago that I returned home from ISTE. Here I am, getting ready to leave Krakow in a few hours and head to Vienna. For the last few days, I’ve been somewhat immersed in pre-war life and how to use Centropa’s vast resources (historical information delivered using 21st century technologies) to help my students. Before that I was spending time learning about technology and how to deliver instruction using it – and where it’s taking us.

Today I really started putting some of this together. I’m thinking that it wasn’t just an accident of timing that put me in Philadelphia last week with the AVI CHAI folks at a 20,000 attendee tech conference and then sent me to Eastern Europe with some 60-120 teachers from all over the works to delve into the resources of the Centropa organization.

For instance…last week, Adam Simon spoke with us about using QR codes to direct his students to relevant online materials when creating timelines. This week, I spoke with Lauren at Centropa about that idea, and she took it to a different level – linking Centropa material to maps via QR code. Imagine your students being able to access multimedia material while looking at maps.

I’m sure there are other places where I’ll experience this interesting intersection of ideas!

L’hitraot…more from Vienna…


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