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Finishing up in Sarajevo

10 days
4 countries
5 beds
120+ educators

I’m going into the final stretch of my trip with Centropa to eastern Europe. We’ve been to Krakow, Vienna, Zagreb and now Sarajevo. We’ve seen museums, cemeteries, buildings with bullet holes, and Shoah memorials. We’ve spent a night on a train from Poland to Vienna, including a stop outside Auschwitz. We’ve shlepped luggage, almost passed out from the heat in Zagreb, broken bread with the Jews of Sarajevo, and walked through Vienna with my Austrian roommate, Uli. We’ve had conversations about how our schools are different, and, yet, the same. We’ve come up with collaborative projects involving QR codes, Jewish camp, food and social justice. We’ve combed the vast online Centropa resources and shared how we might use the films, bios and photos in our own teaching.

All of this has been wonderful and I know my students will benefit from my participation in this groundbreaking project. By no means has this been luxury, leisurely travel. I’ve been incredibly tired, hotter than I could imagine, with feet so swollen that I’m not sure they’ll ever return to their normal size. But it’s been an incredible experience.

But the most important has been what I’ve heard from the other people on this trip. How they love their students and how committed they are to their students’ success and growth. This has been the most profound piece of this trip for me. I will always be grateful for this opportunity and will never forget the conversations I’ve had.


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