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Links You’ll Love for 11-11-11

If you use YouTube videos in the classroom, you may want to check out Dragontape. Dragontape (which is drag-on-tape, not something that breathes fire…) allows you to essentially create your own YouTube mix tapes, combining bits and pieces of existing YouTube videos. This would be ideal for the times you want to show your classes a few minutes of a few different videos. A similar tool can be found at Veengle.

I’m a big believer in gaming in education. Here’s a fascinating article on how scientific discovery can benefit from gamers.

Consider asking questions. Here’s what happens when a sixth grader asks “How do you make an iPhone app?”

Do you celebrate questions in your class or do you just celebrate answers? Here’s an interesting blog post on the subject.

Chanukah is coming! Well, it’s not exactly around the corner yet, but it is out there. Jacob Richman has put together a nice video with 15 Chanukah-related Hebrew phrases.

Do you encourage inspiration? Want to learn more about inspiration and how to cultivate it? This blog post from the Harvard Business Review states, “…as recent research shows, inspiration can be activated, captured, and manipulated, and it has a major effect on important life outcomes.”

And one more from the HBR Blog about whether or not praise leads to cheating. While this is written for business organizations, I think there’s much we can gain from it about how to change mindset.


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