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Dr. Danah Boyd talks about her work studying teenagers and their online activity at Dr. Boyd is a senior researcher at Microsoft, an assistant professor at New York University and a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard. It’s fascinating stuff.

I know you’ve spent hours thinking about these questions:

  • How will the evolving nature of belonging, membership, and affiliation influence Jewish communities of the future?
  • How will Jewish life and learning be impacted as we move into an increasingly networked world?

Why don’t you make a four-minute video with your thoughts and submit it to the Jewish Futures Competition? Check out for more information.

Anybody using Twitter? No? Well, you need to get yourself over there and check out the cool stuff our math classes are tweeting! One group is tweeting as math concepts and the other as famous mathematicians. What a great project! Using the hashtag #sssmsmath, they’re posting such nuggets (all in 140 characters or less) as:

(Charles Babbage) “created a calculator without human error, what have you done?”

(Planes2D) “Someone told me my wardrobe was limited. Little do they know, everything of mine goes on forever.”

(RtTriangle1) “Someone just said I’m kind of square, but I am cool! Right?”

Want to check out the math tweets? Go to!/search-home and put in #sssmsmath.


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