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Links You’ll Love – 2/10/12

It’s February…time to start shaking things up a little. Check out Mrs. Ripp’s blog for a cute post on 10 easy things you can change in your classroom. I think we’ll start taking a dance break in the computer lab!

Oprah (remember her?) just taped a two-part special on her visit to Chasidic Brooklyn and speaks a bit about her observations at this video: It’s actually quite a nice interview. Having just taken a tour of Crown Heights, a lot of what she said resonated with me.

Fresh Ink for Teens at, is a project of the Jewish Week, and, as you might guess, is a website written for Jewish teens. It’s very contemporary, featuring articles about the Hebrew Mamita, cheating on SATs and dating.

Sir Isaac Newton – he wasn’t just about gravity, y’know… Turns out he thought – and wrote – quite a bit about theology, mysticism and the like. And in a turn of events worthy of a Spielberg movie, Newton’s works on theology have found their way to the National Library of Israel. There’s an interesting Haaretz article about it at and the collection can be viewed (what? You mean it’s digitized TOO?) at Newton thought a lot about the world to come (and about how it would end), but I bet he never figured we’d be reading his writings over the Internet!


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