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Interesting Infographic on Technology Use…

The folks over at tipped me off to their rockin’ infographic on tech use in the classroom. I’m actually kind of shocked that, with 70% of students entering school knowing how to use a mouse, only 40% of elementary school teachers are using technology. What do you think?

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Links You’ll Love 8-23-12

This link’s kind of funny – and I don’t believe I’ve ever sent an eBay link before. Check out the “vintage Navajo moose pendant” this eBay seller was offering. Make sure you scroll down to see the image of the “vintage moose.”

If you followed my links last year, you know that I’m a big fan of educational gaming. Here’s a great article on the difference between game based learning (GBL) and educational games.

Jacob Richman, who has several great websites of use to Jewish educators, has created his annual Rosh Hashanah card with a list of Jewish holidays (as they are celebrated in Israel) for the next three years. You can find it here.

No, silly…it’s not the technology that motivates kids…it’s the teacher (duh!). Here’s a lovely thought piece on that subject.

Mind/Shift is one of my absolute favorite places on the web. Here’s a terrific article on how to get the students in your classroom thinking BIG.

And, finally…shout out to Natalie for bringing this terrific TED talk to my attention: Check out child prodigy Adora Svitak who says the problem is that more adults don’t think like children…and that kids have a lot to teach us. Adora’s TED talk can be found here.

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