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Links You’ll Love – 9-12-12

If you’re a SMART Board user, you might want to check out Notebook Gallery. It has games, templates, videos and more. And while I’m talking about SMART Boards, let me mention that the long-awaited Notebook app for the iPad is finally here. There’s a review of the app here. We’ll be downloading one for testing – stay tuned!

Sometimes ya just have to convert (from one kind of file size to another, that is…). Did you get a WordPerfect file but you only have Word? Or do you have a movie that you’d like to have formatted for the iPhone? Check out OnlineConvert for all your converting needs!

And while we’re talking about converting… was there ever a time that you needed an audio file from a YouTube video? Easy as pie (just how easy is pie?) – copy the URL from YouTube, and paste it here. Poof – you can download the mp3 file!

How big is infinity ( Just how small is an atom ( How powerful can simple words be ( All these videos – and more – can be found at TED-Ed: Lessons worth sharing. An obvious spin-off of the popular site, TED, TED-Ed promises videos that “aim to capture and amplify the voices of the world’s greatest educators.” Have a great lesson you’d like to see animated? Write a script and submit it at I love me some TED!

Have you been to SpellingCity? Besides generating spelling test and games, the website also provides interactive whiteboard ready games like hangmouse, word-o-rama and more.

And, finally…can you believe that Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner? To get you in the mood, check out Latma’s video below. I gotta feeling…That this year’s gonna be a good year…This year’s gonna be a good, good year…


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