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Links You’ll Love – 9-28-12

Were you aware that there’s an election coming up? Here are some great resources to teach about the election. How about a “fantasy election” dream team?!

Wanna win an iPad? Of course you do! Edudemic has a great idea for you. Download their EdTech Bingo card, make a plan to do four or five of the activities on it, and submit it! What a great idea. Even if you don’t win an iPad, you’ll have a chance to try out some new edtech activities! And let me know if you need some help figuring out a strategy!

Check out the way this school uses Evernote for digital portfolios.

GlobalEdCon is an annual free virtual conference which aims to “significantly increase opportunities for building education-related connections around the globe while supporting cultural awareness and recognition of diversity.” The conference will take place November 12 – 16 and will include keynotes, a film exhibition, and game-based learning sessions. Visit GlobalEdCon for more information.

Props to my colleague Marlene for reminding me about NetGalley, a great way to read books before they’re, well, books! Galleys can be read on a computer or any mobile device. Sign up for an account, fill in the profile, and you can browse the current offerings or request the kinds of titles you’d like to read. What’s in it for them? Publishers want to know a little about you – who you are, what you do and what you like to read.


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