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Links You’ll Love – 12-14-12

Here’s a fun, simple website to use if you have a competition going on in the classroom. Enter the name of the quiz and a name for each of two teams. Click start and you can add or take points away. It’s got a timer and fun sounds.

Well, this is interesting…educational publisher Wiley and Sons has teamed up with TED talks to integrate TED content into educational courses. In an upcoming psych course, for instance, they’ve combined an intro PDF file, seven videos and a summary essay and related activities. Is this a harbinger of what’s to come? Read about it here.

Here’s a fun website for the little ones to practice counting and number order. This is great for a SMART Board!

Want to know what kids need in order to learn? Of course you do! Here’s a 6 minute video on just that…created by kids.

eSchoolNews has an interesting take on 2012 in review and how the biggest ed-tech developments of the year will affect education in 2013.

Thinking about doing some writing with younger kids using the iPads? Here’s a great video showing first graders doing a poetry writers workshop.

Speaking of the iPad… here are 50 – count ‘em…50 – fun tips and tricks to make them even easier and more fun to use.

“Please DON’T raise your hand…” Who says that? This teacher.

Who wants to visit Versailles? Thanks to Google you can…right now! What will they think of next?


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