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Links You’ll Love

Check out SMART Board Smarty for downloadable lessons and Notebook files for the SMART Board. Games, jigsaw puzzles, tutorials and more!

Digital storytelling is one of ed tech’s buzzwords about, well, using technology to tell stories. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning (which, by the way, is a great website in itself) has a nice article about digital storytelling and free tools you can use.

If you’re searching the web for specific information, NoodleTools can be a great resource. Identify what you’re looking for, whether it needs to be current or not, and what categories your results should come from, and NoodleTools will do the rest.

Storybird is a beautiful way to create a story with your students. It’s kind of “flipped” storytelling – you choose the illustration and then create the story. The illustrations are simply lovely – please take a look at them.

Educaplay is a site where you can create your own multimedia learning activities or search for ones that have been created by others. You need to sign up to use the site, but membership is free. Use the site to create vocabulary activities, crossword puzzles, matching games, etc. that can be used on a SMART Board.


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