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Links You’ll Love

I thought I’d pass along this thought-provoking article about a principal who decided that academics should take a back seat to social/emotional learning. Very, very interesting.

Here’s another site with an abundance of math videos and mini-lessons, searchable by topic.

The Kid Should See This is a curated collection of videos that, well, kids should see. The site is maintained by a mom and her two kids and is browsable by topic. It’s a fun resource if you’re looking for a video to illustrate a topic.

Ever feel like you want to be able to text your students? We know they don’t really check email any more, but it’s not like you’re going to text each and every one of them individually. First of all, you don’t have that kind of time, and secondly, you don’t really want to have a texting relationship with your students! The solution is a free subscription to Remind 101. It couldn’t be easier: set up your free account, and create your class. Have your students text their information (or their parents’) to the phone number provided…and, like magic, you’ll be able to text them whenever you want to remind them to study for a test, turn in an assignment, etc. What’s even better is that the product is the brainchild of SSDS alum Brett Kopf, who surprised me when a colleague and I were at the ISTE conference in San Diego this past June. Great kid…great idea – we’re testing it with fourth graders!


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