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Links You’ll Love – 4-19-13

“… the mindset of a teaching staff devoted to giving students time for creation and reflection…” What a great quote from a fascinating article on The Smart Way to use iPads in Education! It’s not about the apps, folks!

Did you know that Popular Science magazine has been around for 140 years? Whoa! And…did you know that you could peruse each and every issue that was published over those 140 years? Incredible, right? You can browse issues, search for terms, or use an awesome tool to graphically plot the occurrence of a term throughout the years.

20th vs. 21st century learning…it’s a topic that often comes up at conferences. Here’s a nifty graphic that really gets to the heart of how education has changed from last century to this one.

We are Teachers has a nice post with some creative ideas for end-of-year assignments.


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