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Unique Applications for Online Learning in the World of Jewish Education

I’m pleased to welcome guest poster Laurie Sendler Rappeport. Laurie made aliyah in 1983 from Detroit and has lived in Safed, a northern Israeli town, since 1985. She has been involved in various types of formal and informal education throughout the years and is presently entering the world of Jewish distance learning with JETS Israel.

Online learning is slowly entering the world of Jewish education. today there are a wide range of unique applications for online learning that are specifically relevant to the Jewish community.

 Jerusalem EdTech Solutions (JETS), a Jerusalem-based project of Jewish distance learning, is expanding the opportunities for online learning to increase the students’ engagement with their Jewish/Israel studies. JETS courses are applicable for classroom situations as well as for situations in which students do not have access to Jewish education opportunities.

JETS distance programs meet the needs of school groups, adult learners and individual students in the areas of Israel Education, Jewish studies and Hebrew Language. Classes “meet” the JETS instructor who teaches from Israel and utilizes both synchronous and asynchronous learning to create compelling lessons that are relevant and meaningful to the students’ lives. JETS works with Jewish Day Schools as well as with public and parochial schools to offer lessons which include core curriculum courses of Tanach themes and Gemarah as well as individual classes and series about subjects ranging from  Contemporary Jewish Issues, the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Jewish and Israel history to Israel archaeology, Ancient Israel and the Ethiopian Jewish community.

The JETS Shutafut program partners Israeli and Diaspora classrooms, Students in each location collaborate on shared projects and follow their peers’ progress on virtual blackboards. Students can work individually on their assignments, in pairs or in groups to as they complete the course material and observe the work that their partners are doing on the other side of the ocean. English-speaking students often write in Hebrew as they converse with their Hebrew-speaking peers while the Israeli children write in English as they  strengthen their language skills while they complete their assigned coursework.

An additional JETS program, JConnecT was created to provide an interactive Jewish learning model to students who do not adapt well to traditional frontal classroom situations or who live in remote areas in which there are few or no Jewish educational opportunities. JConnecT students meet from their own homes and explore Jewish ideas and concepts in an open manner that enables each student to proceed at his or her own pace. Students may initiate subjects that interest them or may join in an existing distance learning class.

JETS courses were developed to meet the needs of a pluralistic Jewish community. They are non-denominational and provide quality distance learning options to learners of all ages and backgrounds.


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