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JEDcamp is coming to the Chicago area!

For many, the best part of a conference isn’t the keynote or the planned sessions – it’s the side conversations. You know – the networking, the meeting old and new friends, the serendipitous brainstorming… What if a conference could have all of that good stuff without the formality of a hefty conference booklet and the expense and travel time? That was exactly the thinking that led educators to create “EdCamp,” the (un)conference (or, as a colleague coined it, a “pop-up” conference).

Edcamp started in Philadelphia in 2009 when a group of educators wanted to just get together and have organic, participant-directed, meaningful conversations about education. For more about edcamp, visit the Edcamp Foundation website. Here’s a great article about edcamps and their impact.

Well, this year several Jewish educators have decided that it’s time to have edcamps that are dedicated to talking about Jewish education. There have been two so far in Florida and New Jersey and there are two more scheduled to happen this year in Maryland and (insert drumroll here…) NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS!

Yes, my friends, we are proud and super excited to announce that Solomon Schechter Day School is sponsoring the first EVER Chicago area JEDcamp on Sunday, October 20th, 2013 between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. How incredibly cool is that?

It’s important to note that, while this will be an amazing professional development opportunity for SSDS staff, we’re excited to open this up to all stakeholders in Jewish education in the Chicago area including those who are involved with day schools, religious schools, museums and informal education.

So… I’m encouraging all of you to plan to attend Chicago JEDcamp on October 20th, and if you’re interested, please consider joining the planning committee in formation (drop me an email before school is out for the summer to let me know you’re interested). And be sure to reach out to other educators you know in the area – it’s important that we get a diverse group to participate.

Let’s all make this a success!


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