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QR codes in DC!

qrcode.13436999Every year my seventh graders create movies about the monuments and memorials that they’re going to visit while touring Washington, DC. I, ahem, like to call them the “Monumentaries” (insert groan here). The students do their research and then create a Keynote presentation teaching others about the inspiration for the monument and process of creating and building it. They then turn the slide show into a self-running presentation by adding a voiceover with timing and background music. Then we export it as a movie. It’s a pretty seamless and glitch-proof way to make a movie (they do a lot with iMovie in 8th grade so we focus on presentation software in 7th).

In past years I’ve burned the movies onto DVDs so the kids can watch them while on the bus, but since we allowed the students to bring their cellphones on the trip this year we chose to put them on YouTube. I created QR codes by monument or memorial, so the students can easily scan the QR code to see the movie at the appropriate location.

Easy, peasy – QR codes in DC!


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