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Links You’ll Love – 10-18-13

It’s here! It’s here! The inaugural JEDcamp Midwest will be held here on Sunday. If you’ve signed up – we’re looking forward to seeing you Sunday. There’s still time to sneak in – you can check out our website. Here’s the session board – all ready and waiting for us to fill it up!

board photo

This graphic is an entertaining and enlightening riff on comparing apples to apples. Did you know that an iPhone 4S weighs as much as one apple, but is worth about 20,000 of them? What else could be compared this way?

While I don’t love the disclaimer that you shouldn’t use the Historical Thinking website with more than 20 computers at a time, I do like their approach to teaching “students how to critically read primary sources and how to critique and construct historical narratives.” The site is designed for high school teachers, but I think looking at their approach could benefit all of us.

Interested in using Twitter to improve your own teaching practice? Check out this article.


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