muse: n. a source of inspiration

Links You’ll Love

Citelighter is easybib on steroids. The basic version (free) allows you to create a project, search, highlight and organize your research all in one place.

Love poetry? Check out from the Academy of American Poets. You can submit your email if you’d like the poem of the day emailed to you, connect with using social media, and read beautifully written articles on the act of writing (well, they are poets, after all…).

If you’re interested in exploring how to integrate digital tools into traditional lesson plans, check out Graphite. This website provides a useful framework to start with your objectives, designate a “hook,” integrate direct instruction, guided and independent practice, and end with a wrap up. At each point, you’re able to state which digital tool you want to integrate and articulate how the product fits into your plan. If you’re intrigued by this tool, you can check out app-flows that have been created by other teachers to get some ideas.


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