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Links You’ll Love – 3-7-12

It’s Purim time! Time for some shtick(ers)… download G-dcast’s Shticker App and put, well, shtickers all over your photos. You know you wanna!

GoIsrael has a nifty new Discover Israel Interactive Movie, which you can access from a computer or via mobile device app. Check it out.

Instagrok is a really cool way to research anything. Type in your search term, hit the “Grok” button and watch the fun! You’ll see key facts, links to websites and online videos, images and more. Register for a free account and you can even save search results to an online journal and even share results.

A colleague and I presented a six-hour workshop on using ARIS from the University of Wisconsin to create digital scavenger hunts. That’s what we used to create the digital Purim quest in 2012. If you’re interested in seeing what materials we shared, check out my wiki.


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