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Learn with Me: Quilling

I’m excited to be an artist in residence at Camp Newman this summer. First, I’m looking forward to the experience of using a different side of my brain for a couple of weeks. Second (really first, but I’m trying to contain myself), I’m super excited to be with my favorite associate camp director (and my favorite youngest daughter), Rabbi Allie Fischman.

I’m teaching something we’re calling quilligraphy. That’s a made up word. We’re combining calligraphy and quilling into a new art form. I’ll be teaching the kids how to do Hebrew and English calligraphy using markers (’cause I’m not really up to using dip pens, although I may bring some for them to play with).

Then we’ll be learning something called quilling. Quilling is a really old form where you take thin strips of paper and curl them around to form a filigree design.

There are a lot of really awesome links online to learn about quilling – visit my Pinterest board for a great start.

Each child will get a two-headed quilling tool, a cork board to work on, a plastic bag to hold their supplies, and a bottle of glue. I’ve laminated a bunch of paper 6-inch rulers, and created circle templates. I bought combs at the dollar store so the kids can do this:

So my plan is for the kids to learn to quill and then combine calligraphy with quilling. Options for that will include:

  • Quilling a border for your calligraphy
  • Writing out a word in calligraphy and then filling it in with quilling
  • Embellishing your calligraphy with quilling

Should be interesting!


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