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The Technology: Klikaklu

Give your scavenger hunts a high-tech edge! Use the Klikaklu app to create and play photo-hunt games that utilize your iphone’s camera and GPS.

It’s a great way to get your students to interact with an environment, and have them explore ideas without being stuck at their desks. Your hunt can include clues that are photos, descriptions of objects, or even QR codes. Clues can be designed to unexpectedly appear when the hunter arrives at a specific location, and you can also include quizzes or polls as a part of your custom scavenger hunt as well. 

There’s a great tutorial within the app that shows you how to create your first hunt, and there’s also a good discussion forum on the Klikaklu website with ideas and troubleshooting steps.

Download the app from the Apple App Store, and sign up for a free account to be able to create hunts.   The free version will allow you to participate in unlimited hunts, and create up to three of your own hunts. To create more, you’ll need to upgrade at a cost of $9.99. In most cases, a school should be able to upgrade on just one device and have other users download the free app.

Note: Klikaklu is only available for iOS at this time.

In Your Classroom

  • This is a fabulous way to add engagement to a field trip.
  • What an amazing way to introduce new campers to camp or to provide a self-guided experience for potential campers.
  • Don’t forget adults! A digital scavenger hunt can be a terrific activity for a teacher conference or retreat.

This is a “Technology Tuesday” post via Behrman House, edited by Ann D. Koffsky . You can find more Behrman House Technology Tuesdays here.


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