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How can you use Cricut in the classroom?

We’re going into our second year of having a Cricut Explore 2 in our innovation studio and I love how our faculty members are finding creative ways to integrate it into their classrooms. Some of the ways we’ve used it so far include:

  1. Cutting stencils out of laminated cardstock
  2. Creative bulletin boards
  3. Vinyl locker and laptop case artwork
  5. Labels (teachers LOVE labeling!)
  6. Puzzles
  7. Window artwork
  8. Removable wall artwork that keeps the maintenance staff happy
  9. Namecards
  10. Fun “trinkets” to go with student genius hour projects (for instance – a student did a genius hour project on USB drives so we cut a bunch out that he could give away)
  11. Theme confetti

How do you use your #Cricut in the classroom?


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