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GooseChase is a free app and website that makes electronic scavenger hunts easy to create and even easier to play.

To create your own game, or “GooseChase”, first give your game a fun, catchy name. Then, create a list of missions that players need to complete as they go through your chase. For each mission, you can ask your players to submit:

  • A  photo of something they find
  • A video of their team completing a silly task
  • A reply to a question via text, or
  • A pin of their location via GPS.

To play, each team only needs one person with the GooseChase iPhone or Android app on their device.

If you’d prefer to run a GooseChase without prepping a whole new game, you can also choose to use one of the many existing games that have already been created by other teachers in GooseChaseEDU’s game library.

To use GooseChase, signup for a free account on their website. A premium subscription is available if you think you’ll be creating more games for more teams, but I would suggest starting with the free account to see if this is a good platform for you.

In Your Classroom

  • Break out of the boring staff professional development rut and create a GooseChase for your faculty.
  • Going on a field trip? Create your own GooseChase to help your students explore and enjoy your destination on a deeper lever.
  • After your GooseChase is complete, create a slide show of the photos the players submitted to complete their missions, and present it to the school for a fun recap.

This is a “Technology Tuesday” post via Behrman House, edited by Ann D. Koffsky . You can find more Behrman House Technology Tuesdays here.


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