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Classtools is a free website that offers some useful tools you can use to add pizazz to your lessons.

Here are some of my favorites features on the site:

  • The SMS text generator page lets you easily create an image of a phone displaying bubbles with SMS texts of your choice. Once you save it, you can print it as a single image onto paper, or you can share a unique URL with your students for them to see your pretend text dialogue appear line by line.
  • The Fakebook page allows you to create a fake Facebook profile page.
  • The Movietext page takes the text you enter, and uses it to create a StarWars-like movie intro.
  • Fruit Machine is a random name or word generator. You enter a list of words and then click  to start a slot machine type animation that spins around and then randomly stops on a word.

In Your Classroom

  • Ask students to use the SMS text gernerator to create an imagined text conversation between two biblical characters.
  • Students can use the fakebook page to design a profile page for a historical figure or hero.
  • Use Movitext to introduce a new topic, provide writing prompts or even display students’ names at the beginning of the school year.
  • Try out Fruit Machine the next time you need to randomly select a student for a task, or organize teams.

This is a “Technology Tuesday” post via Behrman House, edited by Ann D. Koffsky . You can find more Behrman House Technology Tuesdays here.


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