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Checking out the Silhouette!

This summer, we’re repurposing a computer lab into an innovation lab and I could not be more excited! The new lab will be a collaboration and creation space, with movable furniture, writeable walls, and awesome equipment. We’ll be IMG_1278sporting iPad Pros and Chromebooks in there, a poster printer, color printer, 3D printer, and a Silhouette Cameo machine.

What’s a Silhouette? It’s a crafty teacher’s dream – a machine that hooks up to your laptop or computer, and cuts where you tell it to cut. Essentially, it’s a die-cut machine on steroids. You can buy designs for it, or create your own. The machine will cut paper, cardstock, sticker paper, and fabric.

I spent a couple days playing with it (sigh…the tsuris of a tech ed director), and I really think this will be transformative for my colleagues. I’m seeing creative uses for bulletin boards, classroom aids, bookmarks, stickers as well as a myriad of possibilities for student work.

One of the projects I’d like to see is teaching stop-motion animation using an iPad app. As preparation, the students will create a background (set design) using the poster printer, print inanimate objects using the Silhouette and then create articulated characters using the 3D printer. Imagine we were retelling “Little Red Riding Hood” – students would print the forest background on the poster printer, trees and grandmother’s house on the Silhouette, and Red Riding Hood and the Wolf using the 3D printer. How cool would this be?

One of the features I think will be most exciting to my colleagues is print and cut. With this feature, you print your design to a regular printer using the software-supplied registration marks. Then, you put the printed piece through the Silhouette and the machine magically reads the registration marks and knows exactly where to cut. It’s magic, I tell you! Check out the image on the right – how amazing is the detail cutting around the music notes at the bottom and the waving hand at the top?

Stay tuned for more creative uses for the Silhouette cutting machine and our innovation lab adventures!



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What I did on my Passover break

Now I’m a map designer!

Wedding map

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More from Jewish crafters…

The post that’s received the most comments (admittedly not exactly a record-shattering amount, by any means) is the one about Jewish crafters. I have to laugh, with all my work in technology and education… that the post that gets me found by search engines is that one!

It gets me to thinking how we can form an online community of people who use crafts to explore and express their Jewish identity. Somewhere to share patterns, resources, etc.

It goes along with my frustration over this season. I love to buy craft and shelter magazines but get so frustrated that it’s all Christmas-y. I would love a place where I could go for inspiration without seeing a whole bunch of  things that I’ll never make.

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I finally got my invitation to join Ravelry. So exciting. It’s kind of like Facebook for knitters and crocheters.

Anyway… I went to the Groups section and browsed to see if Jewish was there.

Wowser… three different groups with “Jewish” as a tag.

I’m so excited! Jews who craft!

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Where are the Jewish crafters?

I like to knit and do crafts. Really. I think it’s partially because normally I’m doing all these technology-related things like learning about what’s new in technology and teaching it to somebody else and sometimes I just want to do something with my hands that isn’t typing or mousing. I also get super bitten by the craft and create bug in the fall. Something about fibers and colors in the fall I guess. Anyway, I started checking out some craft and knit blogs and now I’m wondering – where are the Jewish crafters? I know y’all must be out there…

I want to add “Jewish art and craft” or something like that to my blog roll. But where are the Jewish crafters? And do they blog?

I checked out Etsy and searched for Jewish, figuring that would be a good way to find some Jewish crafters. I did find some by using “Jewish” as a search term (I am so clever). But I also discovered that Etsy doesn’t list websites, so I can’t really follow up that way.

Must find . . . Jewish crafters.

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