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Learning how to do stop motion animation!

Day one: Motion Animation at the Ringling Institute for Teachers

Check out this lab! I want one!




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Israel at 60

From Reuven Werber:

Here in Israel and around the Jewish world, we are preparing to mark the celebration of Israel’s 60th anniversary.
At Neveh Channah Girl’s HS in the Etzion Bloc, we wanted to encourage our students to give expression to different aspects of Israel (history, geography, way of life, settlement, etc.). We decided to teach our tenth grade classes how to create Animoto video clips with stills and music. Animoto allows creating free clips of up to 30 seconds. The girls had to choose a topic, locate relevant images, create text slides, choose suitable music, create the clip and embed it in the blog we had created for this purpose.

The result was an exhibit with over four pages of clips and reflections (in Ivrit) dealing with topics such as the Western Wall, Israel’s Prime Ministers, Sderot, Jerusalem vs. Tel Aviv, Our soldiers. Israeli youth, Israel’s coasts, etc. Please come and visit and leave comments.

Phylis Goldman, Miriam Weitman and Reuven Werber

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Do Ustream?

Have you looked at

It’s a little like youtube, a little like podcasting, and a little like NBC.

You can watch (or broadcast) your own TV show. Hook up a webcam, create your site and go.

Now, there’s probably nothing preventing people from broadcasting, um, less-than-savory… stuff. But, I think if a school wanted to be able to host its own show – this could be worth looking at.

Any ideas?

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Sderot – City Under Siege

Check out this powerful movie made by two tenth graders in Israel. They visited the city of Sderot, spoke to the residents, and created this film. Not only is the content excellent, but it’s a wonderful example of what high school kids can produce. Kol hakavod.

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Digital Filmmaking

One of the things that I do, as tech coordinator, is sponsor the annual film festival at our school. We received wonderful submissions this year; they were creative and really showed a lot of growth from the first film festival four years ago. We had creative animation, digital effects, great stories – all things you want from a festival like this. It’s just a great opportunity for kids to share what they’re doing with their peers.

I’ve found a few resources that I want to share with my kids next year. One is Oscar Stringer’s Fast Film.

Another is this great story from Wired about three friends remaking Raiders of the Lost Ark over a period of three summers.

What a great way for them to learn about filmmaking – to examine the wonderful stuff that’s already out there…

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