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SSSMS Podcasting Video

My school is a grantee of the Avi Chai Foundation’s Educational Technology grant. I wasn’t able to attend their one-day program, but I did prepare a video of the project.

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Podcasting is addicting!

I’m (well, actually my school) is the recipient of a grant from the Avi Chai Foundation to develop a series of Hebrew podcasts. We essentially have a native Hebrew speaker read difficult reading assignments, I create the podcast and post it to the iTunes library so the kids can download them. If you’re interested, I’m using GarageBand to record and edit the files.

So I’ve taken the podcast skills I developed in working on the Hebrew podcasts and applied them to working with our 6th grade LA classes as the students create their own book talks. Next we’ve got a Hebrew special that will be creating their own wiki and podcasts to share with kids in Israel. Suddenly I have a lab full of mics (both stand and boom), and we’re “shushing” every visitor that pops into the lab.

I’ve asked for the tech guys to build me a sound booth. They think I’m kidding, but I’m not.

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