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Catch the (Google) Wave

Just when you think you’ve mastered it all, Google comes out with a new thing to play with.

The newest is Google Wave. It’s a collaborative environment, where multiple users can edit docs, bring in stuff, talk to each other.

Here’s a little video about it.

I’m playing – more to come!

Google Wave Overview


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Create-your-own photo strips

Photo strips. You know – the kind you get from those photo booths? The real photo booth, not the Apple application.

Well, now you can take any four digital photos and create a photo strip from them. Vintage-look, black and white…

I’m seeing a great bulletin board application here, people.

Visit the folks at Big Huge Labs for more info…

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What to do with old floppy disks


Make ’em into lab passes.

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Do you read? Do you own books?

You do? Really?

Then you should check out (ha ha) LibraryThing. You can use it to catalog your books (you can enter up to 200 books for free, after that there’s a pretty modest fee) and use it to perform search functions or get recommendations for other books.

You can also use it to find other people with similar tastes and find out what they’re reading.

This is an excellent example of social networking software used for a really cool purpose.

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