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Who cares?

The JTA publishes a list of 100 influential Jewish tweeters – just came out.

Recently there was a tweet asking for suggestions for a list of great women tweeters. I believe the word “influential” was used as well.

Got me to thinking…

What makes a tweet great? What makes a tweeter influential?

The JTA (and I certainly don’t mean to pick on the JTA…) shows you how they came to their conclusion here. Numbers, data…

How do we really gauge influence? Do we really think that we can distill it down to a bunch of numbers? Followers? Links passed along? God forbid – number of tweets?

I’m a huge believer in social media, Internet networking, Twitter, electronic communication, blogging… all that stuff.

I love to gather links and pass them along to my colleagues.

But I’m not sure about the whole influential thing.

What does that mean?

In the final analysis, I believe that influence means you had an impact on someone; helped them change, got them to think about something in a new way… And I think we’re fooling ourselves if we think that tweeting will do that.

Recently I got a Facebook message from a former student who told me that she wouldn’t have gotten through middle school if it hadn’t been for me.

Now that’s influence.

And nary a tweet was heard.

Just sayin’


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Minute-by-minute Purim

So… let’s experiment

Let’s say that everybody in the whole world who participates in Purim activities tweeted what they’re doing (including tweeting photos)….

and preceded those tweets with the hashtag #mbmpurim (that means minute-by-minute Purim)

Then, you could follow that hashtag and see what the world is doing for Purim


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Twitter: teachable moments

from Langwitches blog…

Teachable Moment Twitter Account

Posted: January 19th, 2008, by Langwitches Following an idea that sprung out at me while I was writing my previous post, I have decided to create a Teachable Moment Shoutout account on Twitter.

The idea is as follows:

We are all looking to inspire and create teachable moments for our students. Many times these are impromptus, non-planned discussions and activities. Sometimes they pass as fast as they came, but will leave a long lasting impression on you and your students.

Our Twitter is relatively new for all of us and we are experimenting and experiencing what it dies for our own and for our students’ learning. Several ones of us have had a great experience with a twitter shoutout, followed by a Skype conversation, blog post and comments as well as direct “conversation” with 140 characters or less.

Please subscribe to Teachable Moment on Twitter if you are willing to commit yourself to be available, when your schedule permits, to help another teacher with a shoutout. Remember, that you might be someone’s partner from the other side of the world, which means it might not fall between your school hours, where you are with classes, paperwork or blocked access to twitter/skype. So don’t be shy and add yourself as a follower.

You can create an RSS to be alerted if anyone is writing a shoutout to “teachablemoment” by going to Tweetscan, searching for “teachablemoment” and then subscribing to the RSS feed.

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