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I was involved in an interesting conversation about Wikipedia the other day when I was at an all-day workshop (well, really it was a 45-minute workshop disguised as an all-day workshop…but I digress). The other person (who’s a librarian somewhere, I think) told us about some teacher in her building who won’t let the kids use Wikipedia. Not only can’t they use it, but this teacher does an activity with the kids where she has them make an erroneous change to an entry; not a big mistake, but a little one that isn’t glaring. Then they “watch” the entry all semester to see if anyone catches it.

Oy. This makes my stomach hurt in so many way. First of all, it’s vandalism and unethical. Secondly… why are people so scared of it? Why can’t we teach the kids to be responsible, critical information consumers?

December 13, 2007 Posted by | Education, Wikipedia | 2 Comments


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