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Using Wordle with a Google Form

Here’s a fun tip for you:

If you want to take a poll and then display the results in Wordle, try this:

1. Create your multiple choice form in Google. Here is an example of a form I’m creating for an upcoming presentation. Note the tilde (~) in between words. That’s so Wordle will keep the words together in the final product.


2. Once you’ve distributed the form, highlight the column with the selections. Copy that to your clipboard.

3. Paste the clipboard contents into Wordle. Wordle will thoughtfully ignore the commas, and since you used tildes to keep multiple-word entries together, it’ll keep those puppies intact. Like this:


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Stop what you’re doing and play with Tagxedo now. At first glance, I still like Wordle better, but this is fun, especially when you create a word cloud and can click on all the words to make them pop up.

I haven’t figured out a way for it to support Hebrew, which Wordle does, but it’s fun nonetheless.

Here’s the word cloud image for the parashah we’ll be reading this Shabbat:

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Wordle tip

I love, love, love Wordle. I use it in the classroom all the time, and I just get so excited with that first “oh, cool” moment.

The only thing that I haven’t loved is the inability to use two words together (such as Shabbat candles) as a phrase. I was using hyphens, but that was an inelegant solution.

Not any more.

Now you can use a tilde (~) to keep words together.

Note: a quick little one I created for this moment:

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Woohoo! Wordle in Hebrew

I’ve been playing around with Wordle and Hebrew. I know that I can type directly into Wordle and get Hebrew, but I wanted to see if there was anywhere on the Internet from which I could copy Hebrew text and paste it into Wordle.

I went to my old friend, Mechon-Mamre and found the section where there is letter-only text that displays vowels when you hover over it (which is actually pretty cool).

I copied the first chapter of Megillat Esther and pasted it right into Wordle. And got the image below. Woohoo! Are you playing with Wordle in Hebrew? Why not? Email me with your thoughts!


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