muse: n. a source of inspiration

One-computer classroom strategies

Teacher Tools

Filamentality Scrapbook

Virtual Field Trips

How to create a virtual field trip

Auschwitz Virtual Field Trip (CNN)

Museum of WWII


The WebQuest Page at SDU

Prince of Egypt Auerbach CAJE’s resource (came out when the movie was released)

Webquest on the Prohibitions of Shabbat

Tu Bishevat Webquest

The Maccabees and Their Place in Jewish History

Jewish Women and Jewish History

Holocaust Websites (since public schools are required to teach about the Holocaust, there are many webquests on public school sites that address this issue)

Nuremberg Laws Webquest This webquest has some nice links to Nuremberg resources. It’s on a free webserver, though, and the popups are incredibly annoying

Remember the Holocaust Anne Frank webquest

Anne Frank and the Children of the Holocaust another Anne Frank webquest

I Survived the Holocaust

Devil’s Arithmetic


Sites Kids Will Love

Israel Word Search

The Jewish Children’s Learning Network: Written for children, this site has some great information for educators to use as background or enrichment material.

Dr. Nurit Reshef’s site: Nurit has a lot of games that she has designed, fun wordsearch puzzles, etc. The site takes some time to load. JTSA Kids’ Corner. Features good background information, printables.

Hebrew quizzes

Babaganewz: This is the companion website to Babaganewz magazine, the monthly classroom magazine for grades 4 – 7. Each issue is organized around a Jewish value.

Canaan Hora : Sponsored by a Toronto synagogue, this site is written for kids about the weekly parasha. You can go to the archives for information on other parashiot.

Hebrew/Prayer Support

Behrman House: This Behrman House offering is touted as a resource for parents to support their child’s Hebrew education. It’s an excellent resource for teacher to use in the classroom as well.

Navigating the Bible

Online course on writing Hebrew letters (print and script)

Links to Software Companies

Behrman House


GamePak Interactive PowerPoint Templates

View the presentation



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