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iCenter Fellows

I’m at an amazing conference on Israel education presented by the iCenter. Click here for more information.

I did a Wordle with the group to see what they’re interested in. The question was “what do you want to learn?” The answer:


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Israel…live in your classroom

Friday night at synagogue my rabbi spoke for a few minutes about the Women of the Wall. It occurred to me that this would be a good thing about which to teach my 8th and 9th graders. And, after all, I had an expert at my disposal…my daughter, who had just davened with the Women of the Wall last rosh chodesh.

I really wanted my kids to hear about this from her, but she’s there and we’re not.

Enter Skype, a computer and a projector…

Easy peasy. We Skyped with her from my wifi-connected computer, while she was projected on my classroom wall, and the kids got to hear firsthand about the Women of the Wall.

I’m dying to use this again!

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Haredim dub women Western Wall worshippers ‘Nazis’ – Haaretz – Israel News

Haredim dub women Western Wall worshippers ‘Nazis’ – Haaretz – Israel News.

A mother’s morning:

gChat with daughter #2 living in Israel and studying at HUC:

me: are you there?

daughter: Yes, I am.

I didn’t get arrested, that’s a good thing.


me: i know – how did it go?

daughter: It was kind of frightening…there were a few guards who kept telling us to zip our coats over our tallitot. And we didn’t…and then the Haredi men who were there yelled at us during the entire walk from the women’s section to Robinson’s Arch. “You are Nazis…you killed the 6 million Jews…you’re ruining Judaism”

A few spit at us over the railing…

Men yelled at us during the entire first part of the service “Gevalt….gevalt”

me: OMG. Blog it.

daughter: Then a few women came in and also yelled at us. I decided not to wrap tefillin inside the women’s section. They would have just taken me away within a minute of putting it on. It was quite the experience. I have to get ready for services but I’ll call you later. Love you!

me: love you back

Oy. Here you go – I’m feeling this poignant mixture of pride for my feminist-daughter, fear for her safety, and sadness for my own people – that, in the midst of everything else that goes on we can’t even agree among ourselves.

As we light the last Hanukkah candles, may we pray for religious freedom. For all.

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Israel at 60

From Reuven Werber:

Here in Israel and around the Jewish world, we are preparing to mark the celebration of Israel’s 60th anniversary.
At Neveh Channah Girl’s HS in the Etzion Bloc, we wanted to encourage our students to give expression to different aspects of Israel (history, geography, way of life, settlement, etc.). We decided to teach our tenth grade classes how to create Animoto video clips with stills and music. Animoto allows creating free clips of up to 30 seconds. The girls had to choose a topic, locate relevant images, create text slides, choose suitable music, create the clip and embed it in the blog we had created for this purpose.

The result was an exhibit with over four pages of clips and reflections (in Ivrit) dealing with topics such as the Western Wall, Israel’s Prime Ministers, Sderot, Jerusalem vs. Tel Aviv, Our soldiers. Israeli youth, Israel’s coasts, etc. Please come and visit and leave comments.

Phylis Goldman, Miriam Weitman and Reuven Werber

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